-Excerpt from  Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee

Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee is Nancy's big debut.  Parenting can be a challenge, but she didn't realize the true meaning of the word until she had a child with special needs.  Nancy's coping mechanism happens to be dark humor, which is instantly relateable.

My kids were convinced that the tooth fairy was slow, lazy, and incompetent.  Sometimes she missed our house entirely and had to return the following night.  Sometimes she didn't have a dollar or even four quarters.  Sometimes she had to leave a dollar's worth of dimes and nickels.  Once she simply left a toothpaste coupon.

2014 Greyden Press Book Competition Non-Fiction First Runner Up

Here are some of the judges’ comments about Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee:

• Funny relatable stories from motherhood.
• It’s humorous.
• This woman is hilarious.
• Nancy has great conversational tone. The stories are relatable and cute.
• Humor filled writing. Takes real life scenarios of experiencing pregnancy to raising a child.

Meet Author Nancy Bernotaitis