A great read...a wonderfully written first novel.  Nancy tells a tale of life and family from a humorous point of view.  Maybe the next Erma Bombeck here.

Vicki Carr, author of Flashover


Hello readers, I have the wonderful pleasure of introducing you to a fantastic woman, our author Nancy.  This lady lets nothing step in her way. She has one purpose and that is to make sure her family has everything it needs. If it is not available she creates the product herself. I first met her when I asked to work with the Dayton Chapter of the Autism Society. I wanted to learn more about Autism for my students. She accepted my grandson and I, and we worked together and raised funds, served meals to families and provided training to parents. I watched her tackle every challenge life threw her way. If she could not find the answer she needed she tried something else. She travels wherever needed to find solutions to improving the life of all of her children. These travels include different career opportunities for herself, different school choices for her son and different lifestyles for her family. If the answer is not there she creates the solution. That is what she is doing with Good Works Farm, Inc.  Most important she travels every step of the way with style, grace, humility and humor. This book should be called “Super Mom”. It will make you laugh as you relate to the life she shares with us, the lucky readers. Enjoy!! 

Deborah K. Lloyd, M.Ed., Children’s author
As the mother of a son with autism, I know well that laughter is a welcomed respite from the daily stress and strain of caring for our special kids. I recall so many instances where I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, and choosing to laugh was clearly the better choice. Nancy has blessed all of us with her fun and engaging stories.

Lynn M. Hamilton Author of the book, Facing Autism
Delightfully entertaining, Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee, is an easy read that you just can’t wait to get back to reading.  Every real life story, though sometimes a seemingly heartbreaking one, ends in humor.  Nancy’s real life adventures mixed with real, raw emotion leads the reader to an entertaining moment of a car filled with family, a kitchen filled with family love, and living real life with a child with special needs.  I just could not get enough of the artistry of Nancy’s writing.

Tabitha J. Kirby, M.A., BCBA Owner/Director, The Autism Peace, LLC
Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee is a “special needs parenting memoir” like no other. Nancy Bernotaitis’ no-nonsense approach to life, marriage and parenting delivers side-splitting humor, hilarious optics, along with refreshing candor.  Reminiscent of Erma Bombeck’s writings, Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee has a natural conversational style gives the reader a completely honest, yet highly comedic portrayal of life raising two typical children and a child with autism.  Nancy Bernotaitis is a first class story-teller whose unpretentious wit will entertain and delight the hearts of her readers.

Tammy Andersson, President/Founder Got-Autism,LLC
Parenting a child with autism is a gritty reality. Moms tell me they can't even die because their children will always need them.  In Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee, Nancy Bernotaitis takes that challenge head on with humor and passion.  The future may be uncertain and full of unanswered questions, but Nancy looks it in the eye and has devoted herself to helping families like hers first through leading the Autism Society in the Dayton, Ohio area and now through the creation of the Good Works Farm for adults with autism. Readers especially those who love someone with autism will welcome and delight in her contagious sense of humor. 
-Robert Naseef, Ph.D. , psychologist and parent, author Autism in the Family: Caring and Coping Together.
Nancy Bernotaitis has found a way to cope with the stress involved in parenting a child with autism—her quirky humor makes a way when the way seems impossible. Nancy’s work with the Autism Society of Dayton is well known, and her new passion—the establishment of a farm for young adults with autism, called Good Works Farm—are just two examples of her commitment to make the world a better place for families that live with autism.  All proceeds of this book go toward the establishment of Good Works Farm. Readers can feel good about their contribution toward a worthy cause, and raise their endorphin levels at the same time. Quite a bang for your buck! 
Kathleen Deyer Bolduc, author of The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities (Judson Press, 2014) and Autism & Alleluias (Judson Press, 2010).  
"Regardless,well, with some regard, of her misadventures as a parent and functional member of society, Nancy has managed to channel her energy into the creation of Good Works Farm,which will be a haven for individuals with autism, and will include broccoli, cucumbers, livestock, and manual labor, all things that actually lead to better physical and psychological health. 100% of the proceeds from her new book; Instant Mom: Just Add Coffee go to support Good Works Farm, which means you can be a caring, helpful person and buy the book to provide a great opportunity to a young adult with autism, or be a secretly horrible human being and get the neighbors' teenager who bounces a ball off the fence until 2am to be somewhere else for a little while. Who doesn't love a good win/win?"

- Eric Chessen, M.S., Founder, Autism Fitness, AutismFitness.com 

I met Nancy several years ago when we were both waiting in line for coffee at an autism conference.  We had an instant connection based on our family experiences, writing and our use of humor to make a tough topic palatable to readers.  I call it the "spoonful of sugar" approach.  Nancy showers you with sugar while providing a personal glimpse into her life. You'll gasp at the raw, honest emotion Nancy shares. I will tell you from firsthand experience that it's not easy to put yourself, your life and your kids' lives on the page with open arms and an open heart.  Nancy does so with grace, respect and a deft turn of each phrase.  

My suggestion is that you read this book:

A) with a box of tissues nearby to dab your eyes and

B) near the bathroom in case you need to dash in while you hold your sides laughing.

There's a saying that the best non-fiction reads like fiction. I think you'll find that truth in Nancy's book. Happy reading!


Kim Stagliano

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